An Inspirational Story Of Determination and Consistency Set Forth By Jadav Payeng. It Will Blow Your Mind! OMG


We often hear that if you have determination and will, you can do anything and everything. How often do you believe in this saying? I”m sure not all the times. But, people had done it before and currently doing it as well. It’s just take a strong will and consistency. We are bringing a story of out of this world will-power and determination through which a man named Jadav Payeng built a forest spreading over 1,360 acres. This is really amazing.

In Assam, India, a island of 150,000 inhabitants was falling apart since it was on top of a sandbar. In reality, it lost half of its part due to this reason. Something needed to be done. So, this determined guy stood up and started planting trees. Literally, he built an enormously large forest which is even bigger than Central Park. Wow!

Since he was into forestry, he knew how to build a forest well. He used very diverse types of trees and he was able to maintain a natural look. Infact, so natural that Bengal Tigers, Elephants and a host of animals moved to this forest on their own.

William Douglas, inspired by this man made a crowdfunded documentry on this forest and the man itlself. He named it, “Forest Man”. This is a kind of tribute to this man’s efforts which is a example for the whole world. Currently, we are rapidly loosing trees and forest life which is essential to extend the life of this earth. Everyone of us should think like Jadav Payeng. Only 1% of what this legend has done and we’ll be right on track.

Here are few of the photos of forest and this legend.

Jadav Payeng 1 Jadav Payeng 2 Jadav Payeng 3 Jadav Payeng 4

Check out the documentary of Jadav Payeng below

[youtube id=”HkZDSqyE1do” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”center”]

Link: Colossal

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