The Craziest Market In The World. You’ll Be Shocked To See This. OMG!


If you think your market is the craziest one then you are dead wrong. Here is the craziest market in the world located in Bangkok named as Rom Hub Market. It is located at the railway track. Yep, that is 100% legitimate sentence. It is a 100 meter long market and located around both sides of railway track. Railway track was covered by vendors and whenever the track comes, they quickly push everything away and let the train pass. Afterwords, everything goes to normal as nothing has happened second before.

You must be thinking that it is might be due to the reason that the train passes through very rarely. My friends, this is also wrong. Train passes through eight times in a day, yep that’s correct again. Four arrivals and four departures totaling eight passes. This is very unique market in my opinion and anyone visiting Bangkok should visit this. It is located 72 KM away from Bangkok at Mae Klong Railway Station, in Samut Songkhram province.

Here is a very short video of the train passes through and what vendors do! It’s funny but amazing at the same time.

[youtube id=”yjm7cyGRLgE” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”center”]

Source: BoredDaddy